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For preparing students to the level of CTET & DSSSB and KVS and NET examination, the most critical factor is the Faculty team. We realize this is the single most important fact for success of students. Every faculty member at ADHYAYAN MANTRA has command over the complete syllabus of CTET &DSSSB and KVS and NET. All the faculty members are experienced and have an excellent track record in mentoring young minds and producing results. For every student records are maintained for every test. PTMs are planned and separate doubt clearing time table is made to ensure time is allocated for doubt clearing. Based on test results corrective actions like additional tests / support material / sessions are planned.
Healthy competition in small batches: While providing the best of the faculty team and individual attention, for success competition is the key. Peer competition keeps the student on toes and incentivizes regular efforts. The test plan contains reshuffling points where it becomes necessary for students to produce the best to ensure that they become part of the top batches.